We can help you with your company payroll. We will administer your PAYE, national insurance, SSP, SMP etc. We will let you know how much to pay your staff. We will issue payslips to your employees. At the end of the month we will supply you with a report detailing your Tax and NI liability. All you have to do is pay HMRC the amount. At the end of the financial year, we will complete the statutory forms, including Year End returns, to issue to your employees and submit to HMRC.

For us to provide our payroll accountants’ service to you, we will need the following details for your company and employees:

HMRC will no longer accept temporary NI numbers. If an employee does not have a National Insurance Number:

The Jobcentre Plus office will give the employee a date for a face-to-face interview. This interview is to check the employee’s identity before they are given an NI number. They will tell the employee which documents they need to take with them to the interview.

After the interview, the employee will be given a tear-off portion from the application form CA5400. As the employer you should keep a copy of the CA5400 as evidence that an NI number has been applied for. After making their checks, the Jobcentre Plus office will write to the employee to inform them of their NI number and will send an NI number card some weeks later.

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